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Turf - Gold Coast - Gilston - Earthworks
Turf - Gold Coast - Gilston - Earthworks

Planning a landscaping project?

Our earthworks services make it easy. Bobcat hire, excavator hire, earthworks, ground preparation and retaining wall building are all available through Nerang Turf. We provide our services and turf supplies Gold Coast wide.

If you’re planning a residential or commercial project, talk to our friendly team.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ll provide you with honest pointers to help your project go smoothly. Or, if you’re ready to go, just tell us what you need and we’ll get started.

contact us. or visit our Nerang location, on the Gold Coast. Let’s get your project off the ground.

Ground Preparation

We offer a ground preparation service at Nerang Turf. This usually takes place before turf is installed on an area of land.

The easiest time to correct any soil issues is before the turf has been planted. Later on, it may be difficult to correct any problems in the soil, because the turf is already there. It can be difficult to make adjustments to the soil without interfering with an established lawn.

So, before you install turf, it’s important to conduct ground preparation. This mainly involves soil testing, to make sure that your area is suitable to support the turf you’re about to plant.

With our ground preparation service, the team tests your soil for drainage, acidity, aeration, and other factors that may cause fertility issues for your new lawn. Then, you’re prepared to fix any issues before the turf is installed, creating the best soil conditions for your new turf.

With thorough soil preparation, a lawn can thrive, so you’ll save on maintenance costs. It’s a good step towards ensuring that your turf is lush and healthy for the long term.

Founded by a Gold Coast farmer, Nerang Turf has the expertise to get the most out of your soil. To learn more, contact us. We also stock turf supplies to suit the Gold Coast conditions.


Earthworks Many landscaping projects involve some form of earthworks. At Nerang Turf, we can help take the hassle out of it.

We can provide earthworks services for rock walls, housepads, driveways, siteworks, dams and carparks.

We’ll offer country-style personalised service to make sure your project gets a great result. And, if you’re organising turf, soil, or other services through us, we can manage it alongside this other work.

We also provide rubbish removal. So, we can take care of the complete project.
Or, if you’re managing the earthworks project yourself, you can hire equipment from us. We have bobcats and excavators for hire. Visit our Nerang location to take a look at our range, or contact us for more details.

With services to suit residential or commercial projects, we’ll help you get your project done. So, you’ll be ready to enjoy the finished product as soon as possible.
To learn more about our earthworks services, or to request a quote, contact us..

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